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Our Story

Corbinator Bait Company started off with a gift.  A few years ago an 8 year old Corbin Brennan received a lure making kit for Christmas. It was a simple kit - a process where you would mix epoxy and pour it into a mold to make a small crankbait.  Corbin and his dad Joe figured out how to make it work and created some lures. They hand painted these with lure paints to create distinctive patterns. 

Then one day, Corbin had an idea. Every year, the extended family had a reunion at a resort in Minnesota. Corbin thought it would be a good idea to make everyone in the family a home-made lure. To take it one step further, dad suggested: "What if we had a fishing tournament where the only lure people could use was one of your lures?"

Thus, the Corbinator Fishing Tournament was born. And each year for the last 5 years Corbin and his dad would create a new fishing lure for each family member to pick out. With the stipulation for the tournament still being that you could only use an official Corbinator Lure during the event.

Fast forward to now, and Corbin has the idea to take his idea and try and sell some of these lures. So here we are: the Corbinator Bait Company.

All of our lures are hand-made. Some look like regular baits you would find at many bait stores. Some are very unique and not always "perfect."  These lures are made in a garage in Kansas. We don't have an assembly line (unless you consider Corbin and his dad a two-man assembly line).  We don't have fancy machinery. 

But these lures do catch fish. And at the very least, you are supporting a 13 year old kid whose passion is fishing. 

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